W11S 3 Roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine

NC E21 System Hydraulic Press Brake Machine is the use of the mold (general or special mold) to bend the cold metal sheet into various geometric sections of the workpiece.




1.Universal Bending roller widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries. The pre-bending and coiling machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.
2.Operating on roller Universal Rolling, the environment and conditions: It belongs to three roll bending machine, hydraulic type, normal condition for low carbon steel, low alloy steel rolled into a cylindrical shape. The roller can moved vertically, horizontally moved.
3.By pre-bending roller horizontal movement, the upper roller relative to the lower roller asymmetrical position to achievev. By the motor, reducer drive two down rolls when rounded. Due to the constant elevation of the lower roller so easy to feed and operation.
4.The roller can be moved vertically,horizontally moved.By moving the roller-level pre-bent, the upper roller relative to the asymentrical position of the roller to achieve. Cone means can increase the roll within a certain range of the cone,interactive interface, intelligent and efficient operation. Single operation, efficient and safe and convenient.Rich curved shape(O, u-shaped, multi-stage R-TYPE); Multiple choice of models(digital economy and TNC CNC models).


1. Fully hydraulic drive, efficient and energy-saving
2. One time to finish the process of pre-bending and rolling without turning direction
3. Top roll as the drive roll driven by hydraulic motor
4. Side rolls moving up and down along an oblique straight line while lower roll rising up and down vertically
5. Absolute value encoders on both sides of the pressure rolls to control synchronization
6. Permanent lubrication technology, and no need to add lubricating oil during the bearing lifespan
7. Adjustable clamping pressure without slipping
8. Can roll a cylinder whose diameter could be 1.3 times the diameter of the top roll


W11S 3 roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine

W12 4 roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine

Machine Parameters:

W11S 3 roller CNC Plate Rolling Machine

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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm