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TDF Flange Forming Machine

TDF Flange Forming Machine,also called TDF flange maker, duct flange and flange forming machine.There are mainly two kinds of flange systems of duct connection. American standard and European standard, which is TDF flange recommended by SMACNA association and TTF/LT mate flange as well as improved GDF flange recommended by British Refrigeration Association.

Product Description


The machine applies both sides feeding and simultaneously shaping work mode, one side forming“

and one side forming is for installing hooks“TDF Flange Forming Machine ”.

Apply shared-plate flange, therefore, the rectangle ductwork flange can be fast processed.

It features low making cost and high installing efficiency, convenient for standard and batches of production.

it is suitable for making rectangle wind pipe with big section.

Main Technical Parameters:

  1. High quality, easy and convenient operation
  2. Greatly reduce the production cost
  3. To ensure the high quality of the product

Model Sheet Thickness(mm) size(mm) Weight(kg) Dimension L*W*H(mm) Power(KW)
T-12 0.5-1.2 32±5 1000 2900*700*1100 2.2
T-15 0.8-1.5 32±5 1200 2900*700*1100 4

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