Pneumatic duct grooving machine

The main function of pneumatic duct grooving machine is to make compression ribs, connections and other features of round tubes.

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Product Description

The main function of pneumatic duct grooving machine is to make compression ribs, connections and other features of round tubes, and special rolling reels allow them to work with different shapes. It is also one of the most commonly used equipment in round tube production. Standard pneumatic duct grooving machine are equipped with three sets of processing dies for production.

Performance Feature

The body of pneumatic duct grooving machine adopts steel plate welding structure, which eliminates stress during vibration when working and makes the machine have good rigidity and stability. The pneumatic duct grooving machine is also motor-driven, with forward and reverse controlled by a tint switch for synchronized, reliable, and stable operation. Processed plate are smooth, uniform in size and aesthetically pleasing. Pneumatic duct grooving machine replace traditional manual labor and increase labor productivity.

Machine Parameters:

Model Thickness(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
WY-QD-12 1.2 0.75 120 850*520*980




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A:We are a factory and have an independent trading department.

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A:Our company is located in Maanshan City, Anhui Province, China, welcome to visit us.

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A:Bank transfer, or Alibaba online payment.

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A:We provide one year warranty service and free replacement of non-man-made damaged parts.

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A:Every machine that comes out of the factory will go through strict testing to ensure that it reaches the customer and can be used normally.

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A:The machine is wrapped in plastic material and placed inside a customized wooden box.

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A:One piece.

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A:Please provide the approximate length and thickness of the workpiece to be processed, please contact our customer service for details.

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A:Production is completed within two weeks.

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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm