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W11S Three Roller Plate Rolling Machine

1. Fully hydraulic power,more speed.

2. Hydraulic motor driving all three rollers.

3. Hydraulic turnover device (re-move the product).

4. Front control board to control all of the machine.

5. Digital monitor.

6. Security emergency stop devices.

7. Three press roll consists of three independent hydraulic motor driving.

Stand Features

1. Fully hydraulic power,more speed.

2. Hydraulic motor driving all three rollers.

3. Hydraulic turnover device (re-move the product).

4. Front control board to control all of the machine.

5. Digital monitor.

6. Security emergency stop devices.

7. Three press roll consists of three independent hydraulic motor driving.

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Model Options

Main Functions

1. Hydraulic roller cone winding attachment.

2. Brace perimeter security fence.



Main Functions

3. CNC control system.

4. Roller surface hardened.


Main Functions

1.rolling products straightness,upper roll set drum--shaped,with side roller regulation,products straightness control within 1/2000,it is particular beneficial to small-diameter cylinders,ensure the following operations welding smoothly, guarantees welding quality.
2.Use the rear bending process,eliminate curved toward the front of the dorsal horn,products roundness.
3.With the automated device,effectively preventing the wrong side of the occurrence.

Main Functions

4.Use direct pressure on the end of the materials,it is convenient to controll the remaining straight edge.
End pre-bending of high precision
When bending the end, it can freely set the length of the edge;when top roller presses down,high accurate and pre-bending is done under a certain pressure.

Excellent Product Precision

Due to continuous bending and high accurate end pre-bending,products have superior precision.As the top roller is in the shape of drum,with the supporting roller adjusted,it can coil ideal products in the wide range from sheets to plates.

Rich Bending Shape

There are such different shapes as O shape,U shape and multi-section shapes. The method is as follow:

Main Functions

● O bending:back bending mode.
● U bending:front bending mode.
● Special bending :composition mode.
● Different uses with coordinating methods.
● There are following controlling methods according to its use.

Main Functions

● TNC(Top NC):for many types but small quantity of production.
● CNC (CNC):for many types but large quantity of production.
● CNC control high producing efficiency.
● One operator,simple operation,and high efficiency.


Main Functions

By setting the length of the straight edge freely, the upper roller presses on the steel plate directly to achieve pre-bending. The rolling technical parameters are numerical controlled, which makes the operation easier and enhances the production efficiency largely.
Model Max thickness (mm) Max width (mm) Yield limit  (MPa) Min bending Dia. (mm) Rolling speed (m/min) Main motor power (Kw)
W11SNC-15×2000 15 2000 245 600 4 7.5
W11SNC-20×2000 20 2000 245 800 4 15
W11SNC-20×2500 20 2500 245 800 4 15
W11SNC-20×3000 20 3000 245 800 4 22
W11SNC-25×2500 25 2500 245 900 4 22
W11SNC-25×4000 25 4000 245 1400 4 30
W11SNC-30×2500 30 2500 245 1100 4 30
W11SNC-30×3000 30 3000 245 1200 4 37
W11SNC-30×4000 30 4000 245 1400 4 45
W11SNC-40×2500 40 2500 245 1400 4 55
W11SHNC-40×3000 40 3000 245 1600 4 55
Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

Technical Features

Main Functions

1. Upper and lower driving, it can finish the end prebending and rolling of metal plate without U-turn.

2. The upper roller is drum shaped roller, there’s adjustable roller supporting device under the lower roller ,which an ensure the accuracy of products.

3. The pressing oil cylinder is positioned on the top place without rod pressing down, which can save energy consumption

Main Functions

4. The material of upper and lower rollers is 42 CrMo, the rollers adopt solid forging with good comprehensive mechanical performance, good core tenacity and high surface hardness, it is suitable for heavy load work with long service life.

5. This machine has an independent operating table to make operation convenient for workers and a safe connecting device, to ensure safety.

6. Economical and applicable, cost-effective, suitable for medium and thick plate rolling system.


Product Details Introduction

1.The up-roller device

The up-roller device consists of the main cylinder, roller bearing, roller, double row self-aligning bearings and other components. Two master cylinder to provide the required roll sheet the pressure, the master cylinder working pressure 19.5 MPa. Double row self-aligning bearing low-speed, heavy-duty self-aligning roller bearings.

The rollers are made of steel 42CrMo, quenching after roughing HB260 ~ 300, according to JB / ZG4289-86 roll steel standard, stiffness in line with (1/700 ~ 1/1000) L (L- refers rack centerline on both sides distance between). Surface coated, to ensure that the workpiece no scratches.

2. The low-roller and horizontal movement device

The low -roller consists of the low- roller, low- roller, bearing, the low- roller, input gear, the low- roller, bearing and other components.

The same material as the low roller 42CrMo, after roughing quenching HB240 ~ 280 according to JB / ZG4289-86 roll steel standard, stiffness in line with (1/700 ~ 1/1000) LL- refers to the distance between the center line on both sides of the rack. Surface coated, to ensure that the workpiece no scratches.

Selection of the low- roller bearing SF-2 self-lubricating composite material.

The level of mobile device provided by the horizontal movement motor power, through the worm box (worm uses ZQAl9-4), worm, screw nut mechanism driven by the horizontal movement of the roller assembly to achieve asymmetric rolled sheet.

Lower roller main drive is powered through the main transmission output gear, the next roll input gear, open drive torque to low- roller.

3.Supporting roller device

Supporting roller device consists of supporting roller worm mechanism, wedge mechanism and other components.

Roller made of 45 steel, quenched and tempered hardness HB190 ~ 220, surface coated, lower than the surface hardness of the roller surface hardness lower roller rollers.

A total of two groups of idlers four, according to the roll sheet specifications of the load size, be adjusted up and down.

4.The main gear

The main drive can be reversible, to provide roll torque roll sheet.
Main drive by the main motor, electro-hydraulic putt brake, spur gear reducer, output gear components.

5.Tipping device

Tipping device consists of ram tipping cylinders and other components.
Tipping cylinder piston rod chrome plated, produced by professional manufacturers (standard HSG).
Upset upset means to facilitate product removal roller axial direction.

6. Fixed, tipping side frame, chassis

Fixed, overturned side frame, welded steel chassis, stress relief annealing after welding, shot blasting.
Fixed, tipping side frame built to accommodate two master cylinders.
Chassis with frame structure, high torsional section modulus, less bolt, installation and easy commissioning.

List of Key components

Name Component
bearing model Double row self-aligning bearing
supplier Wafangdian china
Working roller Roller material 42CrMo forgings
hardness HB240-280
supplier Nanjing, China
Main motor Yifang shanghai
reducer CWU,SCWU
Huaian ,China
Auxiliary Motor YEJ motor
Jinhuayin China
Major Low voltage electrical Schneider
Hydraulic system Hydraulc pump Hefei,China
Hydraulic valve Yuken Japan
Main cylinder
Cylinder and piston rod Forging 45# steel,thermal refining HB217-255.
supplier NOK Japan
Controller system(TNC) LCD touch screen Kinco China
PLC programmable controller Mitsubishi Japan
PLC programmable controller Omron

Performance Features

Main Functions

Universal Bending roller widely used in petroleum, chemical, boiler, shipbuilding, utilities, metal structures and machinery manufacturing industries. The pre-bending and coiling machine can rapid prototyping, high-precision coil, without auxiliary equipment, less investment.

Operating on roller Universal Rolling, the environment and conditions: It belongs to three roll bending machine, hydraulic type, normal condition for low carbon steel, low alloy steel rolled into a cylindrical shape. The roller can moved vertically, horizontally moved.

By pre-bending roller horizontal movement, the upper roller relative to the lower roller asymmetrical position to achievev. By the motor, reducer drive two down rolls when rounded. Due to the constant elevation of the lower roller so easy to feed and operation.

Applicable Fields

Main Functions

The roller can be moved vertically,horizontally moved.By moving the roller-level pre-bent, the upper roller relative to the asymentrical position of the roller to achieve. Cone means can increase the roll within a certain range of the cone,interactive interface, intelligent and efficient operation. Single operation, efficient and safe and convenient.Rich curved shape(O, u-shaped, multi-stage R-TYPE); Multiple choice of models(digital economy and TNC CNC models).

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