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Tube Bending Machine
  • Semi-Automatic Pipe Bending Machine
    Semi Automatic Hydraulic Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine has an NC control unit to allow the operator to program the bend degree (C axis)-the standard memory can store up to 16 programs each with 16 sequential bends.This allows the operator to select from the memory to bend sequence they require and load the tube and start bending. The rotating and feeding (B&Y axis) are controlled manually. Other movements as die working,mandrel working are controlled by hydraulic. Pipe Bending Machine combines easy-to-use operation with high bending accuracy and cost effectiveness. It is the practical semi-automatic solution for small to medium productions.
  • Fully Automatic CNC Tube Bending Machine
    Full automatic china cnc tube bender for tube is full automatic type machine for bending three dimensional complicated workpiece., which can input YBC or XYZ into controlling system, and machine make the tube bend accordingly.

Tube Bending Machine Basic Introduction

A CNC tube bending machine is a fully automated machine operated by a computer. It uses heavy-duty mechanical parts operated by electrical motors, or sometimes by a hydraulic system. CNC tube benders can make complex bends to a very high degree of precision that hand formed parts simply can’t match.


Tube and pipe bending machines can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bending machines and hydraulic pipe bending machines. Mainly used for electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, and other aspects of pipeline laying and repair. The tube bending equipment has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation.


Five Main Components of CNC Tube Bending Machine
Bend die: A round part that determines the radius of the bend.
Clamp die: A clamp that assists the bend die in gripping the tube as the bend die rotates.
Wiper die: A perishable part that prevents wrinkles on the inside of the bend.
Interlock mandrel: A perishable part that works alongside the wiper die to prevent wrinkles on the inside of the bend.
Pressure die: A large part that applies the appropriate pressure needed to the tube to bend it accurately.


Automatic Tube Bending Machine Technology

The tube and pipe bending machine perform the bending of the round pipe and tube, square pipe and tube, and the bending of the sheet. In the case of pure bending, when a tube with an outer diameter of D and a wall thickness of t is bent under the action of an external moment M, the outer tube wall of the neutral layer is subjected to the tensile stress σ1, and the tube wall becomes thin; The wall is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the pipe wall becomes thicker. Moreover, the shape of the cross-section changes from a circle to an ellipse due to the combined forces F1 and F2. When the deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer tube wall and wrinkles on the inner tube wall.

The degree of deformation of the pipe depends on the relative bending radius R/D and the relative thickness t/D. The smaller the R/D and t/D values, the greater the degree of deformation. To ensure the quality of pipe forming, the degree of deformation must be controlled within the permitted range. The bending forming limit of pipes not only depends on the mechanical properties of the material and the bending method, but also considers the use requirements of pipe fittings. The forming limit of pipe fittings should include the following contents:
1. The maximum elongation deformation in the tensile deformation zone outside the neutral layer does not exceed the allowable value of the material's plasticity to cause rupture;
2. In the compression deformation zone inside the neutral layer, the part of the thin-walled structure under the action of tangential compressive stress will not exceed the instability and wrinkle;
3. If the pipe fitting has the requirement of ovality, control the distortion of its section;
4. If the pipe has a strength requirement to withstand internal pressure, control the forming limit of its wall thickness reduction.


Winying Tube Bending Machine

Winying Machinery, a professional tube bending machine manufacturer, China leader in manufacturing CNC tube bender machine and tube laser cutting technology. Our tube and pipe bending machines are designed for both general and precision bending applications in a wide variety of industries such as aerospace, shipyard, automobile, and many additional heavy-duty applications.

Winying DW-series CNC tube bending machines will save you money by providing maximum flexibility while offering the latest features and advanced technology. 

Max bending radius from 100mm up to 450mm, these tube benders are especially relevant for medium to large jobs. Available in a single stack, double stack, or multi-stack capabilities as well as fixed and variable radiuses in the same cycle, they also allow bends with no straight between them when equipped with more than one stack feature.


Why Choose Winying Tube Bending

We know the auto tube bending machine is an important part of your manufacturing process. If you want to find a quality tube bending machine supplier, our Service and Parts Departments are dedicated to maintaining the reliability and precision bending and end forming you have come to know from tube bending solutions.

We offer CNC tube and pipe benders for manufacturers building products such as hydraulic lines, exhaust systems, seat frames, brake and fuel lines, structural components, water lines, and more.

From bend dies to clamp dies and pressure dies, all are custom designed to meet your specific needs. Mandrels, wiper dies, inserts, and holders are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure the longest life and performance consistency possible.

Winying Tube Bending Machine Features

● As a specialized pipe bending machine manufacturer, Winying provide various accessories for customers to choose.
● Electric control system: world-renowned controllers are applied.
● Ultra-large CPU that can hold the edition of 400 groups of archives is applied.
● WINDOWS operating system is installed in the industrial computer to be mated with a servo system.
● Our automatic tube bending machine can detect the error and fault automatically and display them on screen.
● All processing data is input through the touch screen and each elbow can set compensation value, speed, and demould clearance according to different materials.
● Communication interface and data unit can be provided for the tube and pipe bending equipment, for which the network line will be connected to Liye.
● The auto tube bending machine is provided with an automatic oil injection system to reduce the friction of elbow and ensure the quality of the elbow.
● After the completion of data editing, the data will be protected by a password to prevent unapproved alteration of the data.


Advantages of Winying Tube Bending System

● High-quality tube and pipe bending machines molds and spare parts.
● Long service life and low using cost on pipe and tube bending machines.
● Easy to use CNC or hydraulic pipe and tube bender machine software.
● The wide product range on the automatic tube and pipe bending machines.
● Different working length options on pipe tube bending machines.
● Different CNC and NC options on pipe and tube processing benders.

We will provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of each customer. We will also provide customers a high level of service with lower price!

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