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TDF Flange Duct Production Line Technical Requirements

The TDF FLANGE DUCT is also called the non-flange duct, and its production form is faster, more convenient, and less air leakage than the traditional rectangular duct. Its advantage is to save material, reduce project investment; Small air leakage, reduce energy consumption, save operating costs, welcomed by construction enterprises.

The duct production line is mainly made up of angle code, flange frame, and flange connecting with the air duct. Although this duct cost is relatively low (reduced the amount of angle steel, reducing the production of artificial consumption angle steel flange), However, when the angle steel flange is applied, the leakage air volume is also large, which must be machined again. It is difficult to do by hand, it is only used for fresh air system, air conditioning system, such as exhaust system is often with Angle steel flange duct. But the civil air defense project does not allow the use of TDF flange connection.

Duct Production Line Requirement

The equipment required for the production of TDF flange duct are: multi-function plate shearing machine, multi-function edge biting machine, multi-function reinforcement press, common plate flange forming machine, common plate flange folding machine, multi-function angle code and hook code punch.

Production of TDF Flange Duct Equipment

  • Standard straight pipe is pressed directly from the assembly line into joined flanges.
  • Complete TDF flange forming on a single machine after discharging non-standard straight pipe, elbow, tee, tee, accessories, etc.
  • Flange Angle is directly punched by the mold, and can be clamped at the four corners during installation.
  • Flange connectors are made of galvanized steel and cut into uniform dimensions by flange forming machine for installation and connection. TDF common plate flange and pipeline steel plate as a whole, do not need to punch riveting like Angle flange, with a special flange card to connect the two sections of pipe, four Angle bolts plus 90 degree connection. Simple operation, improved efficiency, smooth appearance, accurate size, strong interchangeability, stable product quality.

Compared with spiral duct machine, in the same construction period, the production and installation of 10 square meters of duct can save about 60% of labor, 30 kg of all kinds of section steel, more than 10 sets of various connecting bolts, 0.2 kg of anti-rust paint; The air duct flange is made of galvanized steel, and the amount of galvanized steel increases by about 4%. Using production line, production precision and quality easy to control. Besides, the reduction of section steel and anti-corrosion works reduces the pollution of paint to the environment, and has better economic and social benefits.

Winying Machinery Technology TDF flange forming machine adopts the working mode of simultaneously forming by feeding on both sides. The common plate type self-formed flange makes the rapid manufacture of rectangular duct flange possible. It has the characteristics of low production cost and high installation efficiency, and is convenient for batch standardized production. It is suitable for rectangular duct with large cross section area of ventilation duct.