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Setting Machine

The machine applicable to blankets, carpet, towels, coral velvet fabric, and cotton, polyester, blended fabric… back coating, tendering, shaping, drying…

Product Description

1, has good synchronization: transmission system adopts AC frequency conversion, main chain drive motor as main engine, upper super Feed and needle brush are controlled by PLC programmable controller. The feeding rate can be set separately and can be repaired

Change its partial positive rate to improve the machine synchronization rate.

2, oven:, The interior space of the wide oven is easy for cleaning. Direct, Hot air circulation motor and burner Combustion heating blows up and down in the drying room (so there is no left, middle and right temperature deviation). Hot air circulation fast air volume, drying ability is improved, so improve the production efficiency. , Special advanced heat insulation structure heat insulation board has good heat insulation  effect and  low  loss of external heat dissipation volume, so the energy saving effect is excellent.    The efficient exhaust structure reduces the tar and fire hazards.

3, precise temperature controller: greatly reduces left, center and right temperature deviation for even heat Treatment and drying.


 Equipment process flow


Open width cloth feeding—infrared centering—rolling car (user care)—photoelectric weft straightening (user care)—upper and lower feed—cloth on the front—crossing bridge—8-section drying room—1 set of air cooling—2 rolls of water cooling— At the mercy of







Door width 




Effective width




Mechanical speed




Range of amplitude modulation




Motor scaling method:

AC frequency conversion


Cloth holding method

needle board cloth


Heat source

natural gas heating


Cloth dropping method

cloth dropping at the mercy of the cloth


Number of drying room sections

8 sections


Drying room temperature



Overfeeding rate

-10% ~+30%





Main parts list

1. One set of TV monitoring (flat color)

2. Inverter: drive INVT brand, fan inverter INVT brand.

3. Temperature control meter: dedicated meter for burner

4. Main low-voltage electrical components: Chint

5. Burner: 8 groups of Riello brand

6. High temperature resistant circulating fan motor: Wuxi Hengda (5.5 kilowatts)

7. Exhaust motor: Wuxi Hengda (5.5 kilowatts)

8. Operation button: Shanghai

9. Switching power supply: Chint

10. PLC touch screen

11. Meter speedometer

12. Infrared edge detection

13. Guide rail: cast iron refueling track

14. Chain


Supply list


1. A set of cloth feeding frame components The frame is made of 4mm thick Q235 steel plate folded and connected. The size is 200mm×80mm.

2. One set of infrared edge detection

3. Up and down overfeeding device. ①Two overfeeding rollers, specification Ø168mm.

4. Two sets of headstock components. Equipped with a set of operation buttons.

5. A set of servo infrared controller

6. One set of needle removal device on the left and right

7, the front wall board enters the cloth

8. A set of cast iron refueling tracks.

9. Each section of the drying room is 3 meters, a total of (8) sections, the total length is (24) meters, and the door thickness is 120mm. Wuxi Hengda produces two 5.5KW fan motors, each of which is equipped with Riyalo brand burners in each section of 3 meters, two fans, 8 upper and lower air nozzles, and one air chamber, all connected and closed.

10. 3 exhaust pipes, specification Ø500mm.

11. 3 exhaust fans, motor power 5.5KW.

12. Circulating fans are symmetrical from left to right, with two 3m per large section, impeller specification Ø605mm, fast wind speed and large air volume.

13. All wiring slots from wire, setting machine to electric control cabinet.

14. One instrument operation box, one monitor, operation buttons, temperature control meter, fan tachometer.

15. The air blowing pipe, one section every 3m, one on the top and one on the top, the air nozzle is folded, and the air blowing effect is good.

16. 8 sets of automatic temperature control systems (for burners)

17. A set of needle removal device.

18. A set of main drive unit, equipped with two gear boxes, two drive shafts, and one main drive motor.

19. One set of automatic amplitude modulation device, each section is equipped with one amplitude modulation screw, one side shaft, one turbine box, and one set of amplitude modulation transmission.

Electric control cabinet 2

Appliance list

Drive motor, one AC motor 18.5KW. Circulating fan motor, Wuxi Dazhong motor 5.5KW=16 exhaust motors, Wuxi Dazhong motor 5.5KW= 3, cold air motor 2.2KW=1, monitor, a 14-inch color TV, circulating fan frequency converter 11KW (8), 1 pc of cold water roller motor frequency conversion speed regulation 2.2KW, 1 pcs of cloth doffing motor frequency conversion speed regulator, 8 sets of temperature control meters.




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