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U Shape Auto Duct Line 5

U type V, composed of a decoiler, leveler grooving unit, notching unit, cutting unit, bending unit,reciprocating lock former unit, feed extraman unit, duplex flange (angle iron & TDF), automatic folder unit composition;In addition to the above standard configuration, the duct production line can according to customer demand with the support of punching of the reinforce holes unit, C & S flange connection required for notching unit and forming unit,It’s a fully automatic production lines in the true sense.

Product Description


Duct manufacture auto line is designed for large volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with weighting up to 6 tons, thickness up to 1,2 mm and minimal duct size 160×160 mm.

The machine provides high efficiency production of straights air-ducts. The production process can be managed by only one operator. The quantity and the parameters of the required products are inserted directly through the Touch Screen of the controller with a convenient and easy to manage interface.

Duct manufacture auto line has a modular design which allows to use it in different configurations: feeding & straightening of the coiled metal, bending, punching, cutting-to-length, Pittsburgh forming, TDF flange, “C” flange, angle iron flange forming, duct folding and closing.

Main features of the equipment:

1.U-shaped structure is compact, small footprint, suitable for small and medium-sized factories

2. Take the cylinder manipulator to push the material, match the bite of the tibial machine, the speed is fast, the positioning is accurate.

3. One person operation, easy to learn, save labor, high efficiency, 25 seconds per board

4. The rear folding side adopts servo feeding, and the positioning is accurate.

5. With high-end German Rexroth system, high stability

Descriptions Parameter
Capacity Thickness 0.5〜1.2mm
Width 1250,1550mm
Cut to length 600〜4000mm
Coil Weight 6000kg
ID 508mm
OD <1100mm
quantity 4
Speed Flat sheet <15m/min
shape >47Sec/Piece
shape >56Sec/Piece
Cutting Length ±0.5mm/m
accuracy Degree ±0.8
Folding Length ±1mm/m
accuracy Degree ±0.5
Duct capacity TDF 35mm
Lock 7〜9mm
former 14mm
Minimum 150x350mm
qprtinn 160x160mm
Dimension 19000×3400^1600
Weight 130000kg

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