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Tube Sheet Integrated Laser Cutting Machine

Tube sheet integrated laser cutting machine is equipped with a fully enclosed protection, which can improve the safety when you use the machine. The machine is also equipped with laser protective glass to isolate the human body from laser radiation. The machine is also equipped with laser protective glass to isolate the human body from laser radiation. An automatic soot collection system and an intelligent monitoring system are also essential.

Product Description

Product Information

1. Fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine that uses fiber laser generator as light source.
2. Tube Sheet Integrated Laser Cutting Machine can cut and punch different kinds of tubes and sheets with high precision and high speed.
3. It is widely used for middle and thin metal plate. Cutting  carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate and other metal materials with high quality, high speed, high precision, high efficiency, cost-effective and energy saving.


Model WY-3015D WY-4015D WY-4020D WY-6020D
Power 1000W-8000w
Processing range 3000mm*1500mm 4000mm*1500mm 4000mm*2000mm 6000mm*2000mm
X-axis travel 3000mm 4000mm 4000mm 6000mm
Y-axis travel 1500mm 1500mm 2000mm 2000mm
Z-axis travel 120mm
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy ≤±0.03mm/m
X/Y-axis repeat positioning accuracy ≤±0.02mm/m
Positioning speed 120m/min
Acceleration 1.0G
Workbench load bearing 1500KG
Machine weight 4000KG
Transmission system Gantry double drive
CNC system Cypcut
Dimensions 8750mm*3100mm*2250mm 10950mm*3100mm*2250mm 10950mm*3600mm*2250mm 14050mm*3600mm*2250mm

Fiber laser cutting machine configuration:

Parts Name Picture Brand
Laser sourse  


Raycus (China)
Cutting Head

Raytools (Switzerland)

Control System  



Cypcut(China. Shanghai)


Square Guide Rail  


Rack and Pinion system  




Computer host



Driving System

Panasonic (Japan)



Scale valve  



Schneider (French)

Cooling System  

Hanli (China.Wuhan)

Wire and cable  



Oil Injection System  

Machine Tool Process  

Self-research and development
Machine crossbeam  

Self-research and development
Processing Center  



Sponge gear  

Self-research and development
Machine tool table  

oil slot and press block  

Self-research and development

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