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Steel Belt Spiral Duct Machine

The spiral duct machine BTF I is the hot sale model for air duct making equipment. It using flexible steel strip moulds for tube forming . Easy to operate, And the moving saw cutting to keep the tube cutting smooth . It is the most cost-effictive model for making duct work .

Product Description



Spiral duct is made of metal strip rolled into a spiral bite wall of the thin tube, round, no welding, no leakage, no water, and more for air and bulk material delivery, instead of the traditional white iron pipe (ie manual Biting iron pipe). Is a kind of duct, the whole mechanism without straight hand beat. I produced the spiral duct machine in accordance with the Swiss standard production, high yield and stable pipe diameter, and good bite, good sealing, long-term innovation is a new generation of excellent and stable the best products. Machinable up to 80-1500 mm diameter tubing. Strength, good sealing performance. A variety of diameter tube quickly, with high-speed synchronous cutting device, processing speed, stable performance. My company’s spiral duct machine with environmental protection, safety, efficiency, long life and other characteristics. Since the listing, has received domestic and foreign customers praise, worthy of your choice.

The features

1, patented mold, easy to adjust, and has its own patent, replace the mold more trouble and save the province of materials

2, high-speed synchronous cutting system

3, PLC control

4, can be on-site construction

5, can be adjusted

6, high-quality products, high-quality services

7, the system can handle galvanized sheet, aluminum

8, automatic roll out of equipment

9, can produce a variety of different diameter spiral tube

No. Item Data
1 Diameter of tube 80~1500mm, max. could be 2000mm
2 Max. tube length 8000mm
3 Thickness of   strip 0.4~1.0mm or 1.2mm or 2.0mm
4 Width of strip 137mm-155mm
5 Feeding speed 1~35m/min,   adjustable
6 Raw material Galvanized steel
7 Dimension ( L x W x H) 3100 x 2100 x   2000mm
8 Weight About 2500kg
9 Main motor power 5.5kW – 22kW
10 Cutting motor   power 4kW
11 Air pressure 8kfg/cm2

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