Pittsburgh Lock Forming Machine

Duct locking machine is necessary in duct area because it can produce all kinds of types to meet locking requirements. Standard machine can process 0.5-1.5mm galvanized sheet metal, and our company would specially introduce high-strength rolling reels made of GCr15, a kind of steel which prolongs the machine life by more than 5 times and improve the efficiency dramatically.

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Lock forming machines, as one of our flagship products, including representative LA/ LD and LB series, can process galvanized sheet with different thickness into various shapes.Normal Pittsburgh Lock former can process galvanized sheet with thickness in the range of 0.3~1.5mm, at most 2.0mm.Model LA4C and LD4C can process 6 kinds of profiles. We can also design a special machine to make special profiles, just to meet the customer’s need.The machine features in light weight, so it is easy to move and suitable to be used at sites.

According to the sheet thickness and the different shape, we developed Pittsburgh lock former machine were divided into forming of 6-station, 7-station, 8-station, 9-station and 10 forms; these machines each were installed on both sides of Pittsburgh rolls on one side and a set of Standing Seam Rolls on the other side. for the realization of the use of a machine as much as possible, one of the 7-station and 8-station of lock former machine a total of 4 processing station, By adjusting the front positioning plate of 6 types of the different profile, roll these machines by high quality alloy steel by vacuum quenching system. for safety reasons, on the cover to the strict restrictions on the work table distance. In order to ensure product quality, the axial and radial roller shafts are equipped with roller bearings.


Performance Features:

1.Our new portable cleat former is surprisingly light and easy to transport. It can meet different demands. This duct-forming machine works easily and noiselessly.
2.Our machine advantage:we use the Ball Bearing instead of Needle bearing,it can ensure that use throughout the day.And the Ball bearing also have longer life.

3.Pittsburgh lock machine boasts a variety of distinctive features.


Machine Parameters:

        Power (kw)
0.3-1.2 mm
230 KG
1100 x630x1160
1200x650x 1200


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Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm