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Flame Cutting Machine

plasma cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine, which is high efficiency and saving energy. This cutting machine precisely cuts carbon steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals with the thicknesses during 0.5-150mm. It can raise the use ratio of raw material and save time.

Product Description

Gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine
Economical gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine includes numerical control system, drive system, control system,mechanical system, pneumatic system. This machine is mainly used for sheet metal flat flame plasma cutting of various shapes,complete functions,high degree of automation,advanced configuration,high cutting precision,good quality,good dynamic stability. CNC system,servo system adopts domestic and foreign well-know brands,products with excellent properties and convenient man-machine interface,friendly operation,abundant software and hardware configuration,high quality comprehensive protection measures to provide users with a high quality product.
Machine voltage:220v, single phase

Power source voltage:380v, three phase
Cutting effective area(mm)
Effective Cutting Width (mm): 2000

Effective Cutting Length (mm): 4000
Machine size(mm)
The Disctance of rail (mm): 3000

The Length of rail(mm) :6000
Torch up-down moving distance (mm)
Cutting speed (mm/min)
Flame cutting torch (Pcs)
Max flame cutting thickness (mm)
Plasma cutting torch (Pcs)
Plasma cutting thickness(mm)
Plasma power source
200A huayuan brand
Cutting speed(mm/min)
Torch height controller
Plasma, Arc voltage height(THC)
Set the speed error(%)
Product advantages:
During the plasma cutting process, a large amount of cutting gas will be generated, and the plasma arc will have dazzling strong light. Underwater plasma cutting can effectively eliminate the toxic smoke and dust generated by the cutting and the damage of the plasma arc to the human eyes.
Working principle:
Underwater plasma cutting dust removal, there is a cutting platform with a water level that can be raised and lowered. When cutting starts, the air inlet valve opens the fan to inflate the water bed air bag, and the water level rises rapidly. When the water just floods the steel plate, the pneumatic valve is closed. The water level stops moving. The soot and arc light produced are all absorbed by water. When the cutting is over, the air outlet valve opens, and the airbag deflation water level drops for the operator to mark and unload. This kind of dust removal method is the best dust removal method at present, but it is affected by water cutting speed, cutting ability, and surface Compared with dry cutting, the finish is reduced to different degrees. When cutting steel plates of the same thickness, the power consumption is about 15% higher than that of dry cutting. The manufacturing cost of the water bed is relatively high.

product description:
The “Gantry Type CNC Underwater Plasma Cutting Machine” produced by our company has a variety of specifications with a horizontal span of 3m-10m (effective cutting width minus 0.8m), and the length of the longitudinal guide rail is configured according to user requirements. Both adopt bilateral drive, and can be equipped with multiple plasma cutting torches and supporting automatic height adjustment system according to user requirements, and can also be configured for dual-use CNC dry cutting and CNC underwater cutting.


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