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Duct Lock Former Machine

Lock forming machine/lock roll former is a basic HVAC duct forming machine that forms the locks of a duct.It is made from highest quality components which include an all steel forming head hardened with ground shafts.This machine combine with our TDF flange forming machine,Bending grooving machine,TDF hand folding machine and Shearing machine can be an simple air duct production line.

Product Description

Products Description


locking machine duct production industry is one of the necessary equipment,it can be processed using a variety of different shapes of bone-shaped,can meet a variety of thin bite,stitching and fillet needs,universal models can be machined plates from 0.5 of 1.5 mm thick galvanized sheet,the enterprise can be made seven special launch bone-shaped machine,adding a single glat function on the basis of the original six functions to facilitate the customer’s use,improve efficiency,special models are to meet customer specific needs.

Main Features

1.Our new portable cleat former is surprisingly light and easy to transport. It can meet different demands. This duct-forming machine works easily and noiselessly.
2.Our machine advantage:we use the Ball Bearing instead of Needle bearing,it can ensure that use throughout the day.And the Ball bearing also have longer life.

3.Pittsburgh lock machine boasts a variety of distinctive features.

        Power (kw)
0.3-1.2 mm
230 KG
1100 x630x1160
1200x650x 1200

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