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CNC Turret Punching Machine

Turret punch presses are produced as a closed type rigit Steel construction into a rigit structure, the finite analysis system was used in the design and simulation process to allow minumum deflection during operation. No deflection between the turret and tools occurs during the punching process and it increase tool life. TPP series turret punch presses has 2 models with 27 station/700 stroke and with 33 station/900 stroke which helps to finish all the work at onces even on very complicated sheet products.

Product Description

Product Application

Winying servo turret punching machine utilizes the power of servo motor, various functions such as shifting and execution, and the characteristics of good controllability of the rotating speed. It directly drives the punching mechanism, adopts adaptive torque control technology and computer control technology, and utilizes digital technology. And feedback control technology, control the operation of the servo motor, can accurately control the position of the punching head relative to the motor corner, and use the stamping mechanism to achieve a variety of stamping processes. Through the preparation of different procedures, the various stamping motion curves required for the process are realized, different workpiece deformation speeds are obtained, the workpiece quality is ensured, and the service life of the mold is improved. It is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving press that realizes the mechanical press.
• Siemens AC servo motors on all axis
• High precious positioning possibility with linear sledge system on all axis.
• Platform type on bridge side or Portable CNC control panel
• CNC control outputs/inputs for vacum table & filtering unit
• High vacuming capability with lower energy consaption
• Independent cutting table system
• Multi head Plazma and multi head oxy fuel cutting possibilities.
• +/- 0,02 mm positioning accuracy.
• +/- 30m/min positioning speed.

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