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CNC Fully Automatic Wire Bending Machine

CNC Fully Automatic Wire Bending Machine is mainly used for bending and forming various metal wire into different shape in two-dimensional.

Product Description


CNC Fully Automatic Wire Bending Machine is mainly used for bending and forming various metal wire into different shape in two-dimensional.

The wire feeding and rotary bending system both adopt servo motor,significantly improves the precision of the product, and increases the speed and flexibility of machine effectively,furthermore greatly improves the production efficiency.

According to the characteristics of wire processing, various kinds and shapes,we specially design the controlling system with a memory storage function,which can save more than 10000sets of processing program for different products, can optionally select any one of them when needed.

Main Features and Functions:

1.A full range of CNC Programmable wire bending machines for two-dimensional wire bending and forming, is manufactured according to European machine standards;

2.Heavy duty mechanical structures and minimum setup requirements due to reasonably design.

3.Friendly man-machine interface, user friendly programming, easy to operate.

4.Two groups of strong roller subassemblies powered with a servomotor ensure accurate wire feeding and excellent straightening.

5.Automatic wire straightening, feeding, forming and recording the amount.The wire product size and parameters and presetting quantity,can also change and modify during producing.

6.Available for forming and bending different diameter of steel wire,iron wire, stainless steel wire, copper and aluminum wire,also other metals,which shape is round, flat, square.Widely used in the industry of wire products, fan nets, handicrafts, lampshades etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

                Model No. WY2-6MM WY3-10MM
Main Parameters
Input Voltage 220V,380—415—-480V, 50/60Hz, AC, 3-Phase.
Wire Diameter Range 2-6MM 3-10MM
Max Wire Feeding Instruction Value 10000MM 10000MM
Mini Wire Feeding Instruction Value 0.01MM 0.01MM
Max Wire Feeding Speed 70M/Min 50M/Min
Wire Feeding Accuracy ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Max Bending Speed 100Turns/Min 100Turns/Min
Bending Accuracy ±0.5mm ±0.5mm
Machine Dimension L:280*W:90*H:170cm L:370*W:120*H:180cm
Machine Weight 950KG            1500KG

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