Auto Duct Production Line 5

U Shape Auto Duct Production Line 5 is mainly for TDF/angle steel/C-shaped flange forming with daily processing capability of 1000-2500 square meters. Only with inputting dimensions in duct, production line can automatically complete uncoiling , leveling, beading, punching,shearing, locking, forming TDF/angle steel/C- shaped flange and folding.



U shape auto duct production line 5, famous for its u shape and save space for the production of rectangular ducts. It is an economical and highly practical rectangular ducts production line. Suitable for small and medium-sized production sites. It can complete a coil to shear, lock forming directly, servo feeding, flange forming and folding into a “口” or “L” shape. Can make the min section size 200*200mm of the”口” shape. The rectangular duct only need one operator to operate. After inputting the production procedure, the system will automatically feed and manufacture, and the worker will be responsible for carrying the formed duct. The advantage of the u shape auto duct line 5 is unique. The “U” structure saves space, and the entire production speed can arrive 23m/min. The normal working time can produce 1500-2500 m² of square ducts.


Performance Features:

1, All the rolling reels are made of bearing steel. So the lifetime prolongs by more than 6 times.

2, With the material-saving mode of CNC system, waste is less than 20 mm per roll.

3, Accurate locating  system with servo feeding.

4, 10 inch LCD touch screen and optional dual keyboard mode , ensure the stable operation.

5, One person to operate, to save labor.

6, With production memory functions, the production orders can be tracked and checked.

7. Low price, to support you with super low price as start of cooperation.

8. Setting up technical guidance, make sure the best after-sale service.

Basic Configuration

1. Four electric coil cradles, 4 material trays (5-7t each roll);
2. One rack;

3. One host (line 2 host);

4. One mechanical arm clutching, locating and transferring platform;

5. One fixed type lock forming machine;

6. One duplex TDF flange forming machine;

7. One duplex angle steel flange forming machine;

8. One servo feeding platform;

9. One hydraulic folding machine;

10. One set of computer controlling system.


Machine Parameters:

Model No. Thickness



Coil Width – (mm)


Coil Weight – (T)









WY-5U 1.2×1300 0.5-1.2 1300 7 15 12000*5500*1500 38 15
WY-5U 1.2×1600 0.5-1.2 1600 7 15 12000*5900*1500 38 16

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Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 15 cm