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Winying Machinery uses top-of-the-line turret punching machine to create standard perforated metal sheets as well as complex, intricately designed sheet metal parts. We work with a large variety of standard and exotic metals including stainless steel, Monel, aluminum, and Copper. We pride ourselves in our work quality and final products.

What is Turret Punching Machine

A turret punch, also called a turret press, is a machine that uses punching to form metal shapes. CNC turret punch involves pushing a punch through a piece of metal to create a hole. There may be a die on the other side of the hole to contain the metal. The CNC turret press can make holes in a variety of different diameters and can make about as many holes in a sheet of metal as you may need for your fabrication.

The CNC turret punching machine is programmed to move the sheet of metal into position along an x-y axis, so the punching arm cuts out the form. Different tools are available in the turret, so a variety of shapes and forms can be punched out from the sheet.

Why Choose Turret Punching Machine

CNC turret punch press is an extremely fast and affordable way to make holes in sheet metal, so people who need a quick, economical way of making holes in sheet metal will often look to turret punching. The turret punch is so cost-effective because it contains multiple tooling in one device, meaning manufacturers avoid the expense of creating multiple, job-specific punch tools.

When to Use Turret Punching Machine

You would use a cnc turret punching machine if you are cutting many repetitive shapes in a row. If you need more complex, compound shapes, a fiber laser cutter may be a better choice.

Features of Turret Punching Machine

  • Winying CNC turret presses are produced as a closed type rigid steel construction to a robust structure to allow minimum deflection during operation.
  • Operating System is CNC and hydraulic.
  • Winying turret punch press machine has 4 axes controlling. X, Y axes for movement of the sheet. T axes used for turret rotation. C axis is used for auto-index station rotation for indexing tools.
  • The 32 station Turret as to allow punching complicated, multi and different size holes parts in a single operation.
  • Auto –index stations can punch to the required angle for various angle shape parts with a CNC controller.
  • Precision forming and roller tools can be used on the Turret, therefore TP Turret punch provides.
  • Complete solutions with effective costs.
  • High speed servo-controlled punching head.

Operation for Turret Punching Machine

Regardless of construction, size or speed, all CNC turret presses operate similarly. A sheet of workpiece material gripped at the edges by work holders is moved across the table into position between the upper and lower portions of the turret by the action of two precision lead screws (one in the X-axis, the other in the Y-axis). Meanwhile, the turret rotates until the appropriate punch and die set is in place.

With the turret pinned in position to assure precise alignment, the program activates the ram, pushing the punch through the workpiece. After the punch is withdrawn, the CNC turret punching machine is ready to prepare for the next hit.

Some CNC turret punchs are constructed so that the crankshaft is used to both depress and withdraw the tool. In this situation, urethane strippers surrounding the punch are used to hold down the workpiece during the movement of the tool.

Other machines are designed to withdraw the tool by spring action rather than with the ram. This requires a separate punch holder and allows for strippers of metal rather than urethane. Metal strippers can hold the workpiece more securely, particularly during forming operations.

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