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Precautions for The Operation of Plate Shearing Machine

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Safety operating rules for plate shearing machine

  • The operator must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the plate shearing machine, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with a super performance.

  • The operator must master the "three good" and "four meetings" of the equipment used, and use and maintain the equipment according to the "four requirements" for equipment maintenance.

  • Before starting, add grease according to the equipment lubrication regulations and check the oil volume of the oil cup.

  • The cutting edge of the blade should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be dull or damaged and should be sharpened and repaired in time.

QC11Y hydraulic shearing machine workflow

  1. Adjust the gap according to the plate thickness. Check whether the cutting angle is appropriate. Select the cutting method.

  2. Start the motor.

  3. Adjust the back gauge, or draw a line on the sheet.

  4. Feed material

  5. After confirming that it is correct, cut.

QC11Y hydraulic shearing machine

Working principle of shear cutting machine

After cutting, the shearing machine should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism requirements of the shear surface of the sheared sheet and minimize the distortion of the sheet to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the workbench. There is a supporting ball installed on the worktable to prevent the sheet from being scratched when sliding on it. Back gauge for plates.

NC metal shearing machine

Matters needing attention when running the metal shearing machine

Start the sheet shearing machine for a few cycles of idling to ensure that under normal conditions, try to cut sheets of different thicknesses, from thin to thick, to ensure that users are familiar with the performance of the shears.

Different blade gaps must be adjusted for different plate thicknesses during trial cutting. If the corresponding blade gap is not adjusted, the blade durability will be affected.

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