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Plastic Straw Making Machine

Plastic straw making machine which is used to corrugate straight PP PE pipe, drinking straws into flexible straws. The only thing a staff need to do is to add straws into the hopper, then the straws goes one by one into the main drum and be clamped by two mechanical hands . As the main drum rotates , the straw goes through two rotary mould to be pressed, then compressed by two mechanical hand to gain the character of flexibility, then be finished, sent out. As the main drum has 12 or 18 mechanical hands and they work in continuous loop, thus high production can be achieved.

Product Description

This series drinking straw extrusion line is a set of drinking straw production line, using polypropylene (PP) as raw materials, with the use of masterbatch, after melting, extrusion, shaping, cooling, pulling, cutting, then produce colorless, color, two-color, three-color drink straw. With the mold, or other auxiliary equipment, JX 01 series is also suitable for extruding a variety of tube similar to the drinking straw , and such of sheet in small size, can be used with wide range of applications, for example: Drinking straws, Lollipop sticks, Coffee stirring stick, ball-pen refill, Cotton swab sticks, brake pipe and some pipe use for the industry.


This production line is composed of extruder, die, cooling device, traction and cutting device, Straw Gathering Device, electric control part, and so on.

一、Basic production conditions:  

1、Applicable power supply:                                380v/3P/50Hz

2、Resin used:                                                     PP, PE drawing grade granular material

3、Maximum extrusion volume:                            About 40Kg/hour

4、Product diameter specification:                        Φ2~13mm  

5、Product length range:                                      5mm~1000mm                     

5、Extruder center height:                                    About  950mm                  

6、Operation direction:                                         From right to left       

二、Equipment components

1、50 single screw main engine                          1 set (required)

2、Single color extrusion die                    1 set (required)

3、Stainless steel cooling water tank                   1 set (required)

4、Double pair roller traction cutting machine     1 set (required)

5、L-type automatic management machine                  1 set (recommended)

Main equipment configuration

1.50 single screw main engine

 Screw diameter:                           50mm

  Screw length to diameter ratio:           28:1

Screw structure:                          PP, PE special upgrade type

  Screw barrel material:                    38CrMoAiA

  Nitride layer depth of screw barrel:      0.4-0.7mm, brittleness is not more than level 2

Screw and barrel origin:                 Zhoushan, Zhejiang

  Drive motor power:                        11Kw

  Speed mode:                               Frequency conversion and Variable speed

  Frequency converter:                     11Kw    

Reducer structure:                        Hard tooth surface

  heating method:                           Mica heating ring

 heating power:                            7.5Kw

Heating zone:                            Zone 3(Screw A1、A2、A3)

Temperature control method:               Automatic temperature control


2.Single color extrusion die   


Mould material: special steel for extrusion mould

Mould structure: double-layer hollow inner runner

Sizing sleeve material: 304 stainless steel

Mould heating power: 1.7Kw

Pneumatic screen changer: optional


3.Cooling water tank                                

Adjustment method: three-dimensional adjustment

Material: 304 stainless steel

Effective length: 3.5 meters, 4.5 meters, 6 meters, etc. (special can be customized)

Cooling method: water cooling

Drying method: sponge filtration + air blowing

Vacuum device: water ring type (optional)

4.Double pair roller traction cutting machine                

Traction roller material: polyurethane (soft and hard can be customized)

Adjustment method: Rotate the handwheel to adjust the height

Traction motor power: 0.75Kw (frequency conversion speed regulation)

Cutting method: Rotary cutting (angle adjustable)

Cutting motor power: 0.75Kw (frequency conversion speed regulation)  


5. Equipment length, width, height and weight 






Monochrome host





Stainless steel sink





Traction cutting machine







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