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Metal Duct Beading Machine

This electric bead roller machine is mainly used for round duct sheet metal grooving/beading and connection. It's adjustable for different metal sheet. This machine usually can be used with round tube rolling round machine, round duct lock forming machine and round pipe lock seam machine together.

Product Description

Main Technical Parameters: 


Max thickness












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The structure and use of the machine
1. This machine has the functions of making ribs and connecting of air ducts. That is to roll the thin board into a certain shape
of ribs, the purpose is to strengthen the rigidity of the sheet, pipe or metal member, with beautiful appearance, small size,
light weight, convenient operation and other characteristics. The machine consists of the following parts: fixed part,
transmission mechanism and adjustment device, etc. (see machine structure diagram). A. Fixed part: including rack, cover, chassis,
shield, etc. The frame is made by welding square tube and steel plate. Cover plates, shields, etc. are fixed on the frame by
screws, and the chassis plays the role of supporting the transmission shaft through the support block.
B. Transmission part:
including motor, small pulley, large pulley, worm reducer, coupling, the same two gears (in the chassis, not shown in the figure),
upper reel shaft, lower reel shaft to upper and lower rolling reel . The motor is fixed on the base plate, and the base plate can
be adjusted by bolts and nuts to set the tension of the V-belt.
C. Adjustment device; there are two main parts
①. Screw hand wheel to adjust the gap between the upper and lower rolling reels to adapt to different thickness of the sheet.
②. After the screw is loosened, the distance between the guide plate and the upper and lower rolling reels can be adjusted to
adapt to the width required by the rib and the side of the sheet.
Transmission system
The main motion of this machine is the rotary motion of the upper and lower reel shafts. Transmission principle: The motor drives
the worm reducer through the pulley. The reducer drives the lower reel shaft to rotate through the coupling. The upper reel shaft
is driven by a pair of gears with the same number of teeth to achieve the same speed and opposite direction of the revolving
motion of the upper and lower reel shafts Reel to work.
Electrical System
The motor used in this machine is a three-phase asynchronous motor type Y90L-4 with a rated voltage of 380V and a power of 1.5KW.
Suitable for 380V power lines. For the convenience of operation, the HZ3-132 type combination switch is used. If the customer
needs a 220V motor, please specify. Switch control principle: twist the switch in the reverse direction to control the forward and
reverse of the upper and lower reel shafts.
Lubrication method
This machine adopts the form of separate lubrication. Open the shield before use and inject No. 30 lubricating oil into the oil
hole of the reducer to the marking line, and then add an appropriate amount of No. 30 lubricating oil every month. No. 30
lubricating oil is applied to the transmission gear surface before each use.
Usage and adjustment
This machine has adjusted the rolling reel when it leaves the factory, as long as the power is turned on, the distance between the
guide plate (based on the width of the convex edge and the side of the sheet) and the rotating screw hand wheel (according to the
thickness of the processed plate) Reeling is done without readjustment. If users need to roll different shapes of ribs, they can
replace the corresponding rolling reels. Rolling reels should be ordered in advance.
Maintenance and technical safety instructions
1) Maintenance: ①. Always pay attention to the lubrication situation of each lubricating part, and add lubricating oil in time.
②.Pay attention to the elongation failure of the V-belt after long-term use, and adjust. ③. The machine is often kept clean.
2)Technical safety:
①. The shields of various parts must not be removed during use. Do not reach into the hood when the machine is running.
②. When the machine is not working, cut off the power supply.
③. Before starting the machine, check the wiring of the power supply and the ground wire, and check the sensitivity of the switch.



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