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Maintenance of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

The oil circuit cannot build up pressure, and the upper tool post has no movement.

a. The electrical plug of the electromagnetic reversing valve is in poor contact.

Check electrical plug

b. The spool of the electromagnetic reversing valve is stuck by debris or the roughened surface does not move.

Check disassembly and wash

2. The return stroke of the upper tool post is slow or cannot return to the top dead center, and the action sequence of the upper tool post and the pressing cylinder is not coordinated.

1) The nitrogen pressure of the return cylinder is insufficient.

Check whether the nitrogen cylinder is leaking and adjust it to the rated pressure of 4-5MPa

2) Damage to the eccentric bearing of the tool post

3. The action sequence of the upper tool post and the pressing cylinder is not coordinated

1) Insufficient nitrogen, filled with nitrogen to the rated pressure.

What effect can hydraulic shears use hydraulic pressure to achieve


1. The hydraulic shearing machine should be used and kept by a dedicated person. The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use the hydraulic shear cutting machine with overload. Do not cut hardened steel, hard steel, high-speed steel, alloy steel, castings, and non-metallic materials.

3. The cutting edge of the blade should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be blunt or damaged. It should be sharpened or replaced in time.

4. There should be a special person to command when a person’s operation and coordination should be coordinated.

5. It is forbidden to cut two materials of different specifications at the same time on the hydraulic sheet metal shear, and overlap cutting is not allowed.

6. It is forbidden to use the handle to facilitate the operation under the pressure plate when cutting the board and feeding. When cutting the material, use an iron plate to hold it down, and keep your fingers away from the knife-edge at least 200 mm when cutting the material.

7. After using the pry to align the line, the pry should be pulled out immediately before cutting. If the iron plate moves, it should be fastened with a wooden pillow to prevent the prying of the presser foot from popping and hurting people.

8. The cut workpieces must be placed steadily, not too high, and not allowed to be stacked on the aisle. The remaining materials and waste materials should be cleaned up in time to keep the site clean and tidy.

What effect can the hydraulic shearing machine achieve by using hydraulic pressure? If we want to achieve any effect but not achieve it, we can directly put forward our ideas with the shearing machine manufacturer. I believe the shearing machine manufacturer will adjust it in time. After all, the customer is God’s. Better cooperation and better development.

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