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Introduction to The Structure of Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

The structure of the hydraulic metal shearing machine is not complicated. A simple understanding is the perfect combination of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and computer control. Each unit adopts a reasonable transmission or control method according to the specific situation, to effectively ensure that the equipment meets the production requirements.

The mainframe of the CNC or NC hydraulic shearing machine adopts a two-column frame structure. The shear reaction force of the billet is borne by the frame, while the frame only bears a small tipping moment generated by the shear reaction force, so the size is small and the structure is compact. The sliding part of the column and the movable beam adopts a square structure, that is, the sliding part of the column is a square guide rail, and the sliding part of the movable beam is composed of four flat-bearing bushes and four quarter-arc bearing bushes. It is very convenient to maintain and adjust the gap.

According to the actual situation of the cut billet section size, the compacting mechanism adopts a special design. A 120 mm high platen holder is fixed on the lower blade table. When the 120mm×120 mm cross-section billet is cut, the press plate just presses the billet, which can press the billet during shearing without the press plate being unbiased. When cutting a billet with a cross-section of 100 mm×100 mm, although there is a gap of about 20 mm between the pressing plate and the billet surface, it is still not subject to partial load. The practice has proved that this compact structure can reliably meet production needs. Moreover, the hydraulic system ensures that the pressing force of the compacting cylinder is constant and can be adjusted as required.

The transmission method of hydraulic metal shears is hydraulic drive, which has many advantages compared with traditional mechanical shearing machine transmission:

  1. The hydraulic transmission power is large, so the shearing force is large, which can meet more shearing needs.
  2. Satisfy the space constraints under the existing site conditions.
  3. Stable performance, low maintenance rate, directly improve production efficiency and use cost.

There are many types of hydraulic metal shearing machines, which can meet different needs, all of which are managed and controlled by a computer, and the final result is accurate. As long as the computer software program is changed, a variety of process changes can be achieved.

The hydraulic metal shearing machine’s sizing device, pusher head, pusher tail device, passive roller, and hopper have reasonable design, reliable operation, and meet the requirements of the shearing process in a specific environment. When the shearing machine is not used, the opening degree of the cutting blade is adjusted to the maximum so that the large-section billet can pass through, and the large-section billet is cut by a hot saw. During shearing, the contact time between the hot billet and the shear blade is short (less than 3 seconds) without cooling. This is the key to avoid cracks when cutting tool steel and die steel. Compared with the hot saw, the cutting noise is small, which is beneficial to improving the working conditions of workers.

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