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Introduction to The Structure of CNC Shearing Machine

The CNC hydraulic shearing machine is a mainstream product in the industry. Its main function is to correctly identify and interpret the CNC machining program, and use it to cut out the size and shape of the hole required by the program. CNC guillotine shearing machine generally use general-purpose or special-purpose computers to realize digital program control, and use instructions composed of numbers, characters and symbols to control one sheet shearing machine or multiple sheet shearing equipment to cut metal sheets. The production of CNC shearing machine relies on the emergence of data carriers and binary data operations.

As the society’s demand for product diversification becomes stronger, the proportion of metal parts produced in multiple varieties and small and medium batches in all metal parts continues to increase. It is difficult to adapt to the high-efficiency, high-quality, and diversified processing requirements with traditional mechanical shearing or punching machine. The application of machine tool numerical control technology greatly shortens the preparatory time of machining, and continuously improves the automation level of the whole process of machining. At the same time, it also enhances the ability of the manufacturing system to adapt to changes in various production conditions.

The CNC hydraulic guillotine shearing machine is generally composed of a body, a transmission system, a knife holder, a presser, a rear rack, a supporting device, a blade gap adjustment device, a lubricating device, an electric hydraulic system and other components. Below we introduce some of the main component features.

Machine Frame

The CNC steel shearing machine is generally composed of left and right columns, workbenches, beams and other components. The frame is divided into casting combination structure and integral welding structure.

The casting combination structure belongs to the old-fashioned structure. Most of the frame adopts castings, and the components are connected into a whole with studs and pins. The frame of this structure is heavier and less rigid, and the machining workload of the joint surface is large.

Compared with the casting structure, the integral welding structure has the advantages of lighter frame weight, good rigidity, and easy processing. At present, the number of shearing machines adopting the integral steel plate welding structure is gradually increasing, gradually replacing the combined structure of castings. Winying is a cnc shearing machine manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in China, and can provide customers with a variety of different solutions.

Transmission System

The drive system of CNC automatic shears is divided into mechanical drive system and hydraulic drive system. The mechanical transmission system of Anhui Winying has two types: gear transmission and worm gear transmission. Cylindrical gear transmission is mostly used. Cylindrical gear transmission is divided into upper transmission type and lower transmission type.

Tool Holder

The tool post is made of steel structural parts, and under the thrust of the cylinders on both sides, it can swing around the fixed pin to complete the shearing action without the need for a guide rail system. At the end of the cutting process, under the action of the return cylinder, the tool holder returns quickly and automatically, and the scale value is displayed on the dial.

Rear Rack

The backgauge is generally installed on the tool post and swings with the tool post. The adjustment of the distance of the stopper is driven by a motor, and is transmitted to the left and right screw rods through the transmission shaft and the sprocket, and drives the stopper to move back and forth along the guide rod. There are two button operations on the button panel of the button box on the front of the machine. They are the forward and backward adjustment buttons. When one of the buttons is pressed, the back gauge moves forward and backward quickly.

Electric Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is installed on the end face of the oil tank, and the oil tank is fixed on the frame beam, which is easy to clean and disassemble. The system pressure is supplied by the oil pump. Under the control of the electric hydraulic system, each valve can make the press material and the tool post cutting sequence action and other action specifications.


The pressing device is mainly composed of a group of pressing cylinders. Before the tool post goes down, the plunger of the pressing cylinder overcomes the action of the spring to press down to compress the sheet material. After the shearing is completed, it is reset under the action of the spring. The presser is equipped with a protective grid for safety protection.

With the advancement of information technology, all important components of the CNC shearing machine have also been significantly improved and perfected. Whether it is its machine frame, tool holder or electric hydraulic system, the China CNC shearing machine suppliers make technological innovations every year, which is very helpful to improve the quality of CNC guillotine shears processed products.