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How to Control The Diameter of Angle Rolling Machine

The angle rolling machine is cold bending equipment that bends the strip angle steel into an arc or a circle. angle bending machine is often used in high-speed rail guardrails, cable reels, ventilation equipment, and other industries.

Each industry has different requirements for the diameter of the angle iron roller machine, so can one angle roller meet the different needs of customers? The answer is yes. If it is a type of angle steel, such as 5# angle steel, it needs to be bent into a diameter of 1 meter and a diameter of 2 meters, and one angle roll bender can operate.

The size of the steel bending circle diameter is controlled by the passive wheel in the mold. For the specific operation method, please contact our company’s technical staff for explanation and training to ensure that each customer can operate the angle iron roller correctly and skillfully.

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