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How to Choose Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of laser cutting technology and the continuous improvement of production technology, laser cutting machine as a precision blanking equipment is quietly replacing the traditional punching and shearing equipment, in the face of dazzling, multifarious laser cutting machine models, as well as some business boasting, laser cutting buyers are more confused. Based on the National Enterprise Technology Center of Laser processing, the National Engineering Research Center of Laser Processing, and the State Key Laboratory of Laser Technology, Winying has put forward the following opinions on the selection of modern laser cutting machine from the professional perspective:

From the application field of laser cutting machine and the technical requirements put forward by users, the future development direction of laser cutting machine is undoubtedly high power, large surface, high efficiency, one-time forming, high intelligence. WALC wide-format series is widely used in the locomotive industry and heavy industry to bring users high efficiency and high-quality productivity. CONTOUR high speed and high precision laser cutting machines are widely used in construction machinery and high added-value products. As an external processing industry, ultra-high cost-performance cantilever Minter laser cutting machine is the best choice.

Fiber laser with robot flexible manufacturing system in the automotive industry and related industries of high status has a long history, the past is a monopoly by foreign integrators, in recent years because of the financial crisis and the improving of the production technology of the auto industry, especially the domestic high-end manufacturers such as South China University of technology – Farley laser technology with the support of national policy on technology research, a lot of foreign cars in the high-end brand and national brand value of domestic high-end equipment, ultra-high price abroad that proud and mysterious veil is torn, uncovered, Chinese laborers Farley, in recent years to car provided by the user car white body welding, car dashboard weakening, car airbag laser welding, auto bumper, door, such as column in the robot flexible cutting machine, car bumper laser welding, automotive exhaust pipe welding system, change gear sets of automatic laser cutting equipment, etc., 24 hours of stable and efficient production at the scene of the user.

Laser cutting machine selection should consider many factors, in addition to considering the maximum size, material, machining at present need to cut the maximum thickness and the size of the raw material width, more need to consider the future development direction, for example, after the technical modification made products to processing the workpiece size, the largest steel market provided materials for their products which the dimension of the material, loading time and so on. The laser cutter is a modern, high-cost, high-yielding device, and every minute saved in time may mean an extra 10 yuan. The current situation of peripheral laser cutting machine is also the key point that buyers of laser cutting machine must pay attention to. The fierce market competition must avoid homogeneous competition.

Railway locomotive industry, heavy industry, construction machinery, and other similar industries, although the outline of the parts to be processed is not too complex, due to the constraints of the original processing means, the purchase is the market common type 3015. It is recommended to use the WALC series with the German Rofin DC040 laser generator in the future to enhance processing capacity and efficiency. The width of the format is generally 3-4.5 meters and the length is 6-30 meters. In this way, one-time processing of medium and thick plates can be realized, which saves time and materials. When the thickness of more than 20mm workpiece is more, WALC and fine plasma (more than 45mm thickness plus flame cutting) common rail cutting equipment is the best choice, suitable for the processing of 3-50mm or even thicker steel plate, feeding cutting at the same time, thin thick plate cutting will greatly improve the processing efficiency. For some small workpiece, CONTOUR4020 and 6020 series with high speed and high precision are the best choices.

Military industry, heavy vehicles, buses, large equipment, and other industries are characterized by relatively stable processing objects, high quality and high efficiency is more important requirements, CONTOUR DM3015, 4020, and 6020 are recommended as the best choice. If conditions permit, the CONTOUR LM3015 and 4020, which are driven by magnetic levitation, would be better. The CONTOUR series laser cutting machine is under full closed-loop control, and the driving speed of each axis is above 100m/min. The CONTOUR series laser cutting machine is a real high speed, high precision, and precise blanking equipment.

Profile 3015 fiber laser cutting machine with a rotary table is recommended for the saw blade industry. At present, more than 95% of domestic manufacturers that do large saw blade body cutting are profile3015 with a rotary table. The saw blade industry is 24 hours of uninterrupted production, considering the higher safety and cost factors of production at night, it is recommended to use ROFIN DC025 and DC030 lasers. Another large customer market for Profile3015 with rotary shafts is the oil screen seam pipe industry.

MINTER, as mature equipment popular in the application of laser cutting machine, is more suitable for the external processing industry. Its powerful cutting capacity of carbon steel is 20mm, stainless steel 10mm, aluminum alloy 8mm, and the high openness and accessibility of three-party feeding. Besides, its high-cost performance is undoubtedly the best choice for the external processing industry and the stainless steel industry.

Profile 6015 and other optical path technologies are the best choices for special processing of the automobile industry, military industry, high-end external processing enterprises, and the environmental protection equipment industry.

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