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Spiral Duct Machine
As a professional spiral duct machine manufacturer, Winying Machinery has assembled decades of HVAC knowledge and experience to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for your metal forming and ductwork manufacturing challenges.

Complete Spiral Ductwork Manufacturing System

Winying focuses on improving the speed, accuracy, and reusability of the spiral duct machine. Our system provides the industry's most complete ductwork system components, minimizes material waste, labor costs, increases productivity, and returns on investment.


Winying's spiral pipe machines reach the highest tolerances in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and speed, providing customers with the most complete air duct system solutions in the industry. Regardless of the shape and size of the duct desired by the customer, our ductwork machine can provide you with repeating precision for manufacturing round or oval parts. In short, customized spiral duct forming services are feasible in our company.

Description of Spiral Duct Forming Machine

Spiral duct forming machine is professional equipment for manufacturing straight round pipes. It works automatically by operating the PLC system, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Winying provides customized services and can manufacture ducts with different diameters and lengths according to customer needs. The frame of the spiral tube forming machine adopts an all-steel welded structure, which has sufficient hardness and rigidity.


The spiral duct forming machine usually works with a round pipe elbow making machine, seam welding machine, angle iron round rolling machine, and three rollers bending machine, etc.


Features of Spiral Duct Machine

1. With the patent, it is convenient to change the mold.

2. High-speed synchronous cutting system.

3. The spiral tube machine is equipped with a PLC control system.

4. On-site construction and automatic operation.

5. Machine parameters can be adjusted.

6. Winying machine output duct is of good quality.

7. The system can handle the galvanized sheet and an aluminum sheet.

9. The machine can produce various spiral tubes with different diameters.


How to Manufacture Spiral Duct

  • Forklift operator loads slit coil on to mandrel for spiral pipe machine.
  • The spiral tube machine operator tightens the coil on to the mandrel.
  • The operator locks the coil in place.
  • The operator prepares to load into the feeder.
  • Metal loaded and aligned into the feeder.
  • The operator attaches cover on top of the feeder.
  • The operator assures metal is properly aligned into the forming head.
  • The feeder is being adjusted to ensure straight alignment with the forming Head.
  • The operator starts pipe slowly to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Once the operator is assured all is lined up, the machine is turned on to full speed.
  • From raw coil to pipe in seconds.
  • Laser measures pipe to correct length for cutting.
  • The machine cuts to proper length as set by the operator.
  • Once the pipe is cut, the machine moves pipe to be removed by the operator.
  • The operator cleans off any jagged edges.


The Spiral Duct Made by The Spiral Duct Machine Has The Following Advantages

  • Good airtightness.
  • High-grade and beautiful.
  • Good strength and rigidity.
  • The appearance is smooth without burrs.
  • Easy to install and a few connection points.
  • Low ventilation resistance and low ventilation noise.
  • Good corrosion resistance, 240 hours of neutral salt spray test.
  • It can replace some technologies that require hot-dip galvanizing.
  • The thickness of the spiral duct is controllable and can be selected within 5-107μn.
  • Finished by hot-dip galvanizing method, suitable for various strong corrosive environments, such as strong acid and strong alkali mist.
  • The spiral duct can be designed and customized according to customer requirements.
  • There is no hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, which can ensure the mechanical properties of the material remain unchanged.


Applications of Spiral Duct

Spiral ducts are used to transport large amounts of air from one location to another, which is a common choice for duct products used in ventilation systems. General households may not often use spiral duct ventilation systems, but this duct system is widely used for commercial purposes, such as office buildings, factories, workshops, swimming pools, commercial kitchens, retail stores, etc. These ventilation pipes are usually installed outside, so the materials used need to be strong and durable under harsh conditions.

Commercial Applications

The primary use of a spiral duct in commercial applications is for HVAC. The spiral duct can now be found in numerous commercial applications including:

  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Sports facilities
  • Community centers
  • Clinics and hospitals
  • Schools and universities
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Community and entertainment facilities
  • Office buildings and warehouses


Industrial Applications

Spiral pipe’s ability to handle high positive and negative pressures has led to numerous industrial applications:

  • HVAC
  • Removal of chemical fumes and other environmental toxins
  • Removal of dust and other airborne particulates
  • Removal of manufacturing byproducts such as sawdust and wood shavings
  • Bulk material handling such as loading of grain trucks and hoppers

We will provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of each customer. We will also provide customers a high level of service with lower price!

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