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Angle Rolling Machine
Special-shaped metal is one of the capabilities that China angle rolling machine manufacturers can provide. The infrastructure and buildings in which we live depend on precisely shaped metals as stand-alone solutions or as mechanical components. The term "angle roll" is often used in the metalworking industry.

What is Angle Rolling Machine

Angle rolling machines are mainly used to form metals into specific shapes that can be used. They turn a flat piece of metal into angle iron, a solid square, a pipe, a round tube, or hundreds of other shapes.


Each angle bending machine can produce metal parts of specific shapes and sizes. Usually, China angle roller manufacturer that produces the rolling machine will make it "to specifications," which means they will make the machine to bend a specific type of metal.


The profile and angle bending machines produced by China angle roller suppliers use the standard tools that come with the rollers to process flat steel, square steel, square and rectangular tubes, round steel, channel steel, and T-shaped steel. With the help of optional tools, Winying steel angle roller will roll angle irons, round tubes, oval tubes, roll forming shapes, aluminum profiles, and special profiles. For decorative applications, Winying's angle iron roller machine can be equipped with an optional special torsion bar device.


Each angle roll bender has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which rolling machine you choose depends on the product you need, and the features that have the greatest impact on your project.



Angle Rolling Machines Application

From aerospace to shipyards, from automobiles to structures, angle roll bender can meet your needs. Engineers have been designing solutions for more complex curved parts. These parts are made of hard materials, which can only be obtained by bending non-standard profiles with very small diameters and tight tolerances.


Steel angle rolling machines are ideal for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, large building structures, such as circular beams on the roof, domes, abutments, metal pergola, curved captions, and tunnel structures.


Angle roll bending machines are also the preferred choice for making urban furniture, such as street lights, roundabout protection devices, bicycle parking racks, tree protection devices, railings, public transportation captions, bollards, or movable bollards, children's amusement parks, and circles and circles of various sizes Round figures.


How Do Angle Bending Machines Work

The upper roller is fixed at the symmetrical position of the equipment and rotates. Two rollers rotate around a fixed center of rotation to perform arc lifting and automatic rotation movement. The output spline shaft gear of the hydraulic motor meshes with the side roller gear to provide torque to the rolling profile. The three working rolls of the angle roll bending machine are the main driving rolls. The idler roller and the correcting guide roller device are arranged on both sides of the work roller. The lifting and rotation of the work rolls are powered by air cylinders. It is beneficial to ensure the rolling quality of asymmetric cross-sections (such as angle iron) profiles.


This is a slow process and you have to adjust the scroll wheel down every time. After repeating the operation several times, you will get a curved metal roll without any unevenness, because the angle bending machine will roll out unevenness when bending the metal tube. They are equipped with ball bearings inside, so they roll smoothly. The single shoe on the top is fixed to the shaft, so it can rotate with the wheel. When you pass the pipe through the rollers, you slowly shape the metal pipe into a long, smooth curve.


The steel angle bending machine is often used to manufacture various profiles with bending section modulus less than 6mm3 at room temperature. It is a necessary equipment for various machinery manufacturing and other industries. JY-40/JY-50 angle roll bending machine is a compact and easy-to-use machine, widely used in small and medium-sized contour bending machines.


What Can Angle Iron Roller Do

  • Angle Iron Rolling
  • Tube Rolling
  • Schedule 40 Pipe Rolling
  • Square Tube Rolling
  • Rectangular Tube Rolling
  • Ring Rolling
  • T Section Rolling
  • Channel Beam Rolling
  • I Beam Rolling
  • Solid Square, Rectangular & Tube Rolling
  • Flat Metal Rolling


Why Choose Winying Angle Roller

In industry, a reliable angle roller is the most basic production requirement, because nothing is more important than accurate and efficient bending process. Winying's angle rollers are used by customers in many industries and have received unanimous praise. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you choose Winying's bending machines. By using our profile rollers, you can precisely control the bending process.


The quality of the angle roller parts is the most important. As with all other types of bending machines, high-quality parts have always been our goal as a professional angle roller manufacturer. Our rolling machines use 3 driving rollers to meet the 2006/42/CE standard. The bending rollers can be adjusted independently, with dual pre-bending functions at the front and rear ends of the symmetrical profile.


Winying's angle steel rollers also combine horizontal guide rollers that can be adjusted in three dimensions, modular rollers, which can bend most profiles. The standard bending roller is made of 4150 alloy steel and has been heat-treated with a surface hardness of 60 HRC. All Winying angle rolling machines have an independent remote control station to control the machine safely. No matter what you want to bend, we can meet your requirements, whether it is pipe bending, profile bending, angle bending, or other needs.


We will provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of each customer. We will also provide customers a high level of service with lower price!

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