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Brief Introduction of CNC Bending Machine

Bending machines are widely used in factories. This type of bending machine has been seen on many production lines. There are many types of them. Then, let’s take a look at what its working process is like.

1. Before work

Before the operation of the cnc bending machine, it is necessary to use a manual crank to go through a work process, and the equipment can be turned on after ensuring that it is normal. Then perform a very detailed inspection on the shears, and then open the air valve to release the air in the system.

2. At work

When the hydraulic bending machine is working, do not overlap the sheets or trim the raw edges. The bottom plate should be tight and firm, and the upper and lower blades should be parallel. When cutting, it can not be carried out under the state of not being pressed tightly. The cutting work must pay attention to the balance and firmness of the blade.

3. After work

After the cnc bending machine is finished, turn off the switch, and then check whether the valve has been closed, and the valve must be closed, and the upper blade should be placed in the lowest position. It can be seen from the introduction that the working process of the automatic bending machine is actually very simple, but you must pay attention to related safety issues during the work, including the safety of the staff. It is best to wear a helmet when working to prevent hair Injured into the machine, and be sure to turn off the switch after use.

Working Principle of Bending Machine

An important product of the bending machine, the bending machine is mainly composed of a bracket, a table, and a clamping plate, and the table is composed of a base and a splint. The base of the tube and pipe bending machine and the clamping plate are connected by hinges, and are composed of a shell, a coil, and a cover plate; in the concave bending machine, the coil is in the shell and the cover plate is on the concave top cover. When the coil is energized, the power lines are generated, the gravity of the plate, the clamping piece between the pressing plate, and the base is realized. Because the bending machine is clamped by electromagnetic force, the fixed pressure plate can be used in many working conditions, and it can be used with the sidewall of the workpiece.

I believe that many users who need to purchase machine tools will compare many bending machine manufacturers before purchasing. Here is the advantage of my driver bed:

1. We have a professional R&D team that independently researches and develops machine tool numerical control and digital display systems to meet the processing needs of various customers and reduce the purchase cost.

2. We have a dedicated working platform where the components of each machine tool are completed to ensure the stability of the machine tool.

3. The machine tool is equipped with protective fence devices to ensure the safety of workers. The machine tool adopts imported ferrule joints to ensure that it does not rust, pollute the machine, block the oil pipe, and do not leak oil.

4. Backgauge ball screw, high processing accuracy, all parts are gold-plated twice, never rust, and more beautiful.

How to choose a bending machine

The first important thing to consider is the parts you want to produce. The point is to buy a machine that can complete the processing task with the shortest workbench and the smallest tonnage.

You also need to consider the possible deflection of this machine. Under the same load, the deflection of the worktable and sliding block of the 10-foot machine is 4 times that of the 5-foot machine. This means that shorter machines require fewer shim adjustments to produce qualified parts. Reduced shim adjustment and shortened preparation time.

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