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Alligator Shearing Machine by Winying Machinery

Hydraulic alligator shears are applied in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting & casting industry to cold-shear section steel and metallic structural parts, to produce acceptable furnace charges.

Product Description

Features :

1.Q43 metal shears are applied in recyling companies ,automobile dismantling plants,smelting and casting industry to cold shear all shapes of profile  steels and all kinds of metals into qualified furnaces.

2. Whole steel structure and vibration to eliminate internal stree . Good strength and rigidity,hydraulic-driven,stable and reliable; No fang bolts are needed for installation;

3. Diesel engine can be used as power when electrical power is unavailable; length of the blade normall size 600mm,700mm,800mm,1000mm,1200mm,1800mm etc. and also can produce as  your requirements.

4. Shear force ranges in ten grades from 63T to 630T, which can meet users with different requirements.

5. Compared with the mechanical transmission type cutting machine, the equipment has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low inertia, low noise, smooth operation, easy operation, flexible operation, large shear section and easy adjustment of scissors. It is safe to operate and easy to realize overload protection.

6. Crocodile shears are suitable for cold cuts of scrap metal with various cross sections. All kinds of steel in the rolling mill are cut and cut. The machine has a quick installation, and the cutting speed is doubled. Improve the efficiency of 50%.

Crocodile Scissors

Type Q43-63T Q43-100T Q43-120T Q43-160T Q43-200T Q43-250T
Steel section scrap size No.
Round steel φ35 1 φ45 1 φ50 1 φ55 1 φ65 1 φ70 1
Square steel 30x30 1 40x40 1 45x45 1 50x50 1 65x65 1 70x70 1
Angel iron 80x80x4 2 100x100x6 2 110x110x8 2 110x110x8 2 110x110x10 4 110x110x4 4
Channel bar 80x60x4 1 100x80x6 1 120x100x8 1 120x100x8 1 120x100x14 1 120x100x16 1
I steel 80x80x6 1 100x100x8 1 110x110x10 1 110x110x10 1 110x110x10 2 110x110x14 2
Steel 20x50 1 20x100 1 20x120 1 20x300 1 20x500 1 25x600 1



Max.cutting force


Blade length


Max.cutting size


Shearing frequency




Q43-63/600 63 600 30x30 φ35 8-12 7.5
Q43-63/800 63 800 30x30 φ35 8-12 7.5
Q43-100/600 100 600 35x35 φ40 8-12 11
Q43-100/800 100 800 35x35 φ40 8-12 11
Q43-120/600 120 600 45x45 φ50 8-12 15
Q43-120/800 120 800 45x45 φ50 6-10 15
Q43-160/800 160 800 55x55 φ55 6-10 18.5
Q43-200/800 200 800 55x55 φ63 6-10 22
Q43-200/1000 200 1000 55x55 φ63 6-10 22
Q43-250/1000 250 1000 63x63 φ70 6-8 2x15
Q43-250/1200 250 1200 63x63 φ70 6-8 2x15
Q43-315/1000 315 1000 70x70 φ80 6-8 2x18.5
Q43-315/1200 315 1200 70x70 φ80 6-8 2x18.5


1200 80x80 φ90 5-6 2x22
Q43-400/1500 400 1500 80x80 φ90 5-6 2x22
Q43-500/1200 500 1200 90x90 φ100 4-6 2x22
Q43-500/1600 500 1600 90x90 φ100 4-6 2x22


Safety operation rules:

1. crocodile shears should be operated by the designated persons. Others can not be used arbitrarily without training.

2. before driving, check whether the parts are normal and whether the fasteners are solid.

3. unannealed steel, cast iron, soft metal parts, too thin pieces, work pieces of less than 100 millimeters in length, and work pieces that exceed the length of scissors are prohibited from shearing.

4. when operating, the body is not allowed to approach the transmission part and knife edge of the equipment, and the safety of the surrounding personnel should be paid attention to, so as to prevent the material from rising and hurting people. When cutting, the material should be cut near the edge of the knife as far as possible.

5.When cutting short material, hand-held workpiece is prohibited. The clamp should be used.

6. when the shears operate, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization. When the work is completed or the post is temporarily left, the power supply should be cut off. At the same time, the machine should not be repaired or touched by hand, and the hand or foot is strictly prohibited to press the material in the material box.
7. the lubricating parts of crocodile shears should be lubricated at least once per shift according to the requirements.



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