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Air Duct Production Line Working Principle And Features

The automatic air duct production line (line 3) is cost-effective equipment, which is suitable for the mixed production of common plate flange (TDF), angle steel flange. The equipment adopts the international profile welding structure, strong and durable, stable and reliable, easy to clean and maintain; The overall frame structure facilitates multiple handling of equipment, so the production line is suitable for both in-plant production and on-site production.

The automatic production duct line III is composed of the feeding rack, the leveling and pressing machine, the punching point square device, the hydraulic plate shearing machine, and the computer control system. The feeding rack adopts the feeding mode, and the inner diameter of the feeding tray can be adjusted freely within 480mm-510mm. The computer control system is equipped with an independent operating table. The control system has a closed-loop feedback system and an industrial-grade servo motor to ensure smooth and accurate operation. The operation interface can be converted into Chinese or English languages. Air duct automatic production line III large feeding speed is 15m/min, length error is ±0.5mm, the diagonal error is ±0.8mm. Description of backup configuration and structure:

1. The air duct production line is equipped with two uncoiling material racks, four material trays, one supporting rack, one feeding leveling rib, punching Angle, shearing, and flanging machine. See the attached external dimensions for detailed information.

2. The whole line adopts computer automatic control.

3. The feeding rack is equipped with 1.5KW power and adopts a double V-belt transmission. The worm and worm gear reducer used has a self-locking brake function.

4. The feeding leveling and reinforcement press are powered by a cycloid pin-wheel reducer with a transmission ratio of 43:1 and a 3-phase FM motor with a power of 4KW, with a rotation speed of 0~1450r/min and a rotation distance of 20N/m. The front is a pair of feeding rollers, and the upper roller is coated with glue to ensure that the feeding does not slip in the middle and does not damage the outer surface of the sheet material. Followed by three upper, two lower, three leveling rollers. A pair of reinforcement rollers, a pair of distance measuring rollers, all roll shaft working surface are hard chrome plated, that is, durable and not to damage the external surface of the sheet material, the reinforcement shaft has five groups of reinforcement rings, after strict heat treatment and finishing can completely ensure the shape of the reinforcement requirements. The standard configuration of the rib shape is a circular arc, or according to the special requirements of customers to customize V-shaped reinforcement. The two ends of the upper shaft roller share a worm gear and worm drive, which ensures the synchronization of the two ends of the roller in the adjustment process and avoids the occurrence of material running.

5. Punching and shearing tip and square mouth: Punching and shearing molds are composed of four sets of symmetrical molds on both sides. Each mold is driven by an oil cylinder with a cylinder diameter of 80mm and a stroke of 65mm.

6. Shearing machine adopts hydraulic brake shear. By two-cylinder diameter 63mm; A 65mm oil cylinder is used to perform shear. To ensure the synchronicity of the two oil cylinders at both ends of the brake shear, a synchronous shaft is adopted to ensure the synchronism utilizing pinion and rack transmission. The upper and lower scissor is made of high-quality alloy tool steel 9SiCr, after strict heat treatment and fine processing, the blade is sharp, durable, high dimensional precision of the cutting parts and no curling, no burr phenomenon.

7. The edge folding machine is fixed for the upper beam and the lower beam is the compression beam. The compression is carried out by two oil cylinders suspended on the upper beam with a diameter of 80mm and a stroke of 40mm. The folding plate is connected to the compression beam through the hinge block and moves up and down with the compression beam. The folding plate is actuated by a hinged cylinder with a diameter of 63mm and a stroke of 400mm.

Both sides of the machine linkage common plate flange machine can be formed at the same time, both ends can complete the work of common plate edge and hook. It can use the width of 200 ~ 1800 mm plate all TDF flange, the mobile terminal equipment with high precision, high rigidity, high reliability, high load capacity of ball guide, which makes it’s easily moving and labor-saving. In the duct flange forming, the equipment is not only can be used alone but also can be used with the windpipe production line. Sheet metal can not only bilateral forming at the same time, but also can be unilateral forming, the optimum applicable to 0.3 ~ 1.5 mm of the thickness of sheet metal forming.

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