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Kitchen Oil Water Separator Equipment

The automatic oil separation equipment is equipped with high-quality and efficient sewage pumps and smooth pipeline layout. Finish showing the efficiency of the equipment. Comprehensive control design: Grease condenses when the temperature is low, which facilitates the separation and collection of oil and water after heating. The control system automatically monitors the liquid level and temperature, and automatically heats. When the temperature reaches school, it automatically stops heating.

Product Description

Application field of automatic intelligent oil-water separator equipment

1. Oil separation treatment and enhanced discharge of catering wastewater in hotel catering areas, shops and catering areas,

2. Oil separation and enhanced discharge of catering wastewater in underground negative one and negative two dining areas,

3. Various factories, supermarkets, etc. are located in underground areas containing catering wastewater for oil separation and enhanced discharge,

4. There is also the need to improve the treatment of catering wastewater that cannot flow to the municipal pipe network by itself.

5. Star-rated hotels, kitchens, school canteens, commercial complexes, food courts, restaurants, hot pot restaurants, restaurants, canteens, etc.

Automatic intelligent oil-water separator equipment has the main points:

No peculiar smell: Due to the chemical and biochemical effects, the grease deposits in the equipment will gradually decompose over time and generate corrosive fatty acids, which will produce a very unpleasant odor and corrode the equipment.

Remove the grease in the catering wastewater, prevent the grease and solids in the wastewater from blocking the drainage pipeline, protect the environment, and make the water quality meet the discharge requirements of relevant national and local regulations (the oil content of the effluent is ≤100mg/L), and the drainage system is smooth.

Centralized collection and treatment of waste fat, vegetable rice residue, suspended solids, and solid residues, and recycling of waste fat and oil.

The equipment has strong adaptability, can continue stable, reliable and safe operation, and the operating cost is extremely low.

Advantages of automatic oil-water separator:

1. Intelligent automation, which integrates slag removal, oil removal, and promotion. The automatic operation efficiency is high, and it does not need to be supervised to save labor, physical and financial costs.

2. Automatic slag removal, automatic oil removal and lifting functions can be combined according to the actual needs of users.

3. It can be realized in basic functions, auxiliary heating, stirring auxiliary oil output.

4. Vegetable residue, sediment, floating oil, suspended particles, waste gas, etc. are discharged in a centralized manner to effectively avoid pollution.

5. Stainless steel material, strong and durable, long service life.

6. Easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

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