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12 FAQs About Nitrogen for Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Q1: Does the nitrogen cylinder of the hydraulic shearing machine need to be refueled? Add hydraulic oil or engine oil?

A1: The nitrogen cylinder does not need to be refueled. For the convenience of checking the leakage, 46 good hydraulic oil can be added.

Q2: Why does the hydraulic pressure cylinder have pressure after adding nitrogen to the hydraulic guillotine shear?

A2: If it is a large guillotine shearing machine, use the return cylinder, because the weight of the knife holder is large. All small shears use nitrogen.

Q3: How long can the hydraulic shears be filled with nitrogen once?

A3: If the nitrogen cylinder does not leak, it can be used unlimited times, but there will be wear and tear, so it is generally necessary to add nitrogen a year.

Q4: Will the lack of nitrogen in the hydraulic shears reduce the pressure of the pressing cylinder?

A4: It will affect, the pressure of the pressure cylinder is to overcome the pressure of the nitrogen cylinder when there is no load.

Q5: Do hydraulic guillotine shearing machines need nitrogen?

A5: No. Nitrogen is not necessary for guillotine shearing machines to work.

Q6: The automatic shearing machine has no nitrogen at all. Do I need to raise the knife holder if I add nitrogen?

A6: If you don’t need it, just add it to the tool holder and lift it.

Q7: How to operate the hydraulic guillotine shearing machine with nitrogen added to lift the cylinder?

A7: It will affect, the pressure of the pressure cylinder is to overcome the pressure of the nitrogen cylinder when there is no load.

Q8: What are the potential hazards of nitrogen in the shears?

A8: The chemical properties of nitrogen: the chemical properties are stable at room temperature, that is, nitrogen is non-flammable and does not support combustion. However, if the air contains oxygen and other combustion-supporting or combustible gases, accidents may occur during use.

Q9: When adding nitrogen to the hydraulic shearing machine, will the knife be lifted at the same time?

A9: When the nitrogen pressure is in place, the knife will start at the same time.

Q10: How to solve the air leakage of the hydraulic shearing machine cylinder?

A10: As the leakage phenomenon outside the hydraulic cylinder of a hydraulic press is relatively intuitive, when a leakage is found, the hydraulic cylinder components should be inspected. If the piston rod sealing ring or the o-ring at the joint surface of the cylinder head is aged or damaged, it should be replaced. If there is an axial strain on the piston rod, it can be repaired by plating or replaced with a new piston rod.

Q11: Do the hydraulic guillotine shears lack nitrogen pressure?

A11: It can’t be lifted without a nitrogen knife.

Q12: Can I add air to the shears without nitrogen?

A12: Unless you want to die, the shearing machine can only add pure nitrogen. Adding other gases will cause a chemical reaction, which may cause the shearing machine to explode.